100% Canadian Cloud.
Private. Powerful. Secure.

Private and Secure

  • Your own private cloud server
  • We don’t scan your data
  • We don’t sell to advertisers
  • We don’t lock you in
  • Canadian privacy laws
  • GDPR compliant
  • We serve clients in defence, legal, finance, health, government
  • Data doesn’t transit the US

100% Canadian

  • Hosted in Canada
  • Backed up in Canada
  • Data does not transit US
  • Canadian fiberoptic network
  • Trans-atlantic fiberoptic
  • Redundant connections
  • Support from polite Canadians!

World Class Email

  • Liberate your email address from Internet providers
  • Share mailboxes or delegate
  • Recover deleted email
  • Aliases, group email, mailing Lists
  • Spam and anti-virus filtering
  • Webmail, ActiveSync, IMAP
  • Server-side mail rules, signatures, footers, out of office replies
  • In sync on every device

File Storage and Sharing

  • Store anything, share with anyone, privately and securely.
  • Safe, secure backup for all your files
  • Works with any web browser
  • Synchronize with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  • Instantly recover deleted files
  • Access previous versions of a file
  • Control access with permissions
  • Work with your files offline

Backstage Office

  • Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations
  • Integrated with Backstage Files
  • Edit documents in your web browser
  • Desktop and mobile apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Uses native MS Office file formats
  • Export to PDF, CSV, RTF
  • Collaborate and mark-up with others

Mobile Devices

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
  • Automatic setup in minutes
  • Remotely lock or wipe your device
  • Protect your data on lost or stolen devices
  • email, calendars, contacts, to-dos, and files always in sync
  • Stay connected to Backstage from anywhere
  • Work offline


  • Easily share your calendar
  • Group calendars
  • Check availability
  • Book rooms and resources
  • Control read / write access
  • To-dos and shared tasks
  • Public Calendars
  • In sync across all your devices


  • Easily share contacts
  • Contact groups
  • Global Address Book
  • Hide group email addresses
  • Check calendar availability
  • Control read / write access
  • In sync across all your devices

Secure Chat Room

  • Securely chat with anyone on your server
  • Use webmail or 3rd party apps
  • Automatic setup
  • Always in sync
  • Cut down on excessive email
  • Store transcripts
  • End-to-end encrypted

Works with what you have

  • Use whatever you've got
  • Fully cross-platform
  • No need to upgrade your devices
  • Works with installed apps or in your web browser
  • Enrol your devices and automatically set up everything in minutes!


$6.99 /mo

Email + Files
$4.49 /mo Files only
$4.49 /mo Email only
$3.99 /mo 20GB extra storage
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